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September 12, 2011

I have no experience knitting, crocheting or utilizing yarn whatsoever…. but I have a goal to someday soon; due to some inspiration from family and friends.  Getting a beautifully knit gift from a loved one is a genuine pleasure, like the scarves I have received from my talented sister Sydne.  You always remember the person who made them for you, and smile every time you remember the time and energy it took your hardworking artist to create them.  Creating beauty with yarn isn’t just for grannies with needles anymore, the world of crafts has expanded into unlimited creative new territories ready to be explored by noobs such as myself.

yarn bombing is sweeping the nation, if there is something in this world that hasn't been shown some knitted love yet it'll be covered soon.

for those of you that oppose fur, celebrate foxery in this animal cruelty free option

rocks with a cozy makeover

totoro on your hat would make every cold day a fairytale

Make these for your kids room or nursery to get some instant ceiling color

a slipcover fit for a crafting queen

dog toys made from old sweaters!

dog-zilla costume

keep track of the time ticking away while you are knitting up a storm

Can a person get involved with ballet just so there is a real excuse to wear leg warmers?? *sigh* damn you jennifer beal

Flapjack Frog toy pattern

*** and everyone was wearing fingerless MITTENS ***

handmade knitted valentines??? could there be anything else more adorable

nom nom nom cupcake pillow

high waisted knitted shorts tutorial for all you hipsters

Chairs ready for do it yourself customized knitting - by Susanne Westphal

crochet cover for an ikea stool? GENIUS

wall street and pink go together beautifully

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