Rubbish Rehab prepares for IDS West interior design show in Vancouver, BC

September 15, 2011

The countdown is on …. we have just under 2 weeks left to get all the final preparations done for our Rubbish Rehab debut as a booth vendor.  The IDS West interior design show up in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada is dedicated to all things related to innovative interior design.  Our main goal is to network and get the name out about our chairs and the work that we do.  The booth we have rented is fairly small, so making the best of our room became the focus of our layout.  Lighting at the show is very dim, so we also had to manage to figure out an ideal way to light up our area.  Naturally, I turned toward my go to savior… THRIFT STORES.  I managed to find a lamp set that had potential… and when I say potential I mean they were hideous but could be saved.  We also needed some very small tables that would put our lamps off the ground enough to spread the light but couldn’t be taking up any more space than absolutely necessary.  Two small telephone stands were just the ticket.  Check out the beginner level DIY before and after’s of my lamp and table projects.

I was a bit worried about there being glass, wood and metal on the lamps to paint. But we double checked our spray paint, and all of the above were cleared for takeoff.

We went with grey and orange to go with our Rubbish Rehab banner, we got the new lamp shades at Target, and new electrical wiring. Total cost of project was $40.

Snagged the telephone stands for a total of $35 at a second hand store.

After the paint, our table project was $40 total. $80 isn't bad for all the accessories for our booth!

I'll post new pictures of our booth set up at IDS West with all the fixins!

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